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Deborah studied art throughout school and went on to become a professional photographer. Her images have graced the walls of the Epcot Center, The Cowboy Hall of Fame, and The Professional Photographers Hall of Fame as well as countless homes and businesses.


She has won many awards and trophies with her artistic style of portraiture. She is a past President of the Ozarks Professional Photographers Association, and Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association. She became the first Editor for the International Christian Photographers Association monthly magazine, and judged numerous print competitions.


Thirteen years after starting her photography career, and seven years after opening her studio, Deborah decided to close and go back to school and finish her degree.

In 2010, Deborah graduated with a Multimedia Communications degree, specializing in print work.  She now works as a freelance graphic designer and teaches Adobe Photoshop.

Deborah started a local grassroots movement for artists to create new works of art from trash.  The Garbage to Art Project was born and curated at The City Arts Center in Oklahoma City.

Deborah uses her years of photographic knowledge and experience along with her strong sense of composition to create one of a kind graphic works of art that she hopes will be enjoyed by all.

"I consider myself a portrait artist. Trying to connect feeling to image.

I love beautiful things, beautiful faces, eyes.

I find comfort in textures. (Is that a childhood thing?) They make me feel warm and fuzzy and I Love it!

Color is power. It tells a story. A feeling. A memory. Emotion.

Composition creates impact.

Light is the breath of life.

Some work takes hours and literally makes itself (rare tingly moments).

Some work takes days to build while some never gets finished.


I hope my work sparks something in you like it did in me while creating it.  Please drop by when ever you can to see new pieces or just to say hey.


Portrait of Deborah by Linda K. McKinney

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